Got any Christmas traditions?  
You know I am all about Family, Friends and Traditions!
I used to always covet the traditions that I saw other families sharing
until I started my own!
I host a "Cookie Day"
every year, in the
month of December,
as close to Christmas
as possible.  I've
already got it
scheduled this year
and scouring my
books for a favorite! I
invite a few (maybe
6-8) ladies over, ask
them to bring their
favorite cookie recipe,
and spend their day
baking with me.
Everyone takes home
several dozen cookies in a
wide variety of flavors. Of
course, Jason always
manages to stop home for
lunch and 'test the goods'
or better yet, enforce
'quality control'! I usually
provide breakfast and
lunch-and YES, it is
womanly food! Cookie Day
is a truly blessed time with
women that I enjoy doing
something that i enjoy even
more. Plus, it helps these
gals take care of variety
baking that they might not
have had time for. My
neighbors always get
buckets of cookies and
extra good sweets from the
Sutton home!
IF you decide to host a
cookie day...AND you
plan on preparing sugar
cookies, bake them a day
in advance so that they
cool and be ready for
your guests to decorate.
I usually set up a separate
area (like the LL family
room) for decorating. The
kitchen gets too crowded! Also, letting a sugar cookie
sit over night in a tightly sealed container helps the
flavors 'gel' together.  Makes for a great cookie!
We love baking at the
Sutton Home!
But the best baking is done with
your BFF! Lizzy is here baking
with her friend Mackenzie. They
have been friends since the
church nursery! Aubrie is enjoying
one of her creations.
HOSTESS TIP!!  Don't try a new
recipe on Cookie Day! Go with an
'oldie but goldie'!!!
In addition to Cookie Day, we enjoy hosting families for dinner
(yep, those potlucks again!) Last year not only did we have
dinner, but we bundled up and went to my neighbor's homes
caroling! It was truly precious. What fun--especially for our
teenage daughter when we went to her high school guy friend's
house and caroled for his family's Christmas gathering!! Now
that's a good Momma! Of course, she stood in the back row! I
am sure we were quite a sight. Between us there were 8 adults
and 14 kids! Happy, happy memories. I've got that on the books
for this year again, too! As you have read before, making
memories for your kids and yourself is truly something to strive
for. The little things are important and you most times you don't
have to spend a dime.  I have a girlfriend that writes in a journal
for each of her kids each night. Just jots down a few sentences,
but in years to come, her kids will cherish this gift. I have pages
written from years ago, when my now 11-year old called
cupcakes 'pupcakes'. I have to smile when I look over those
pages. Maybe a journal is something you can begin for your
family-chronicling special events and traditions, all the while
building a rich heritage for generations to come. It is up to
you...pass on a blessing if you can.  Share your home. Share
your time. Create some memories today!

Lots of love to your family this
      Holiday season!
"The Grinch" with Jim Carey is totally a family favorite. The DVD
is packed away every season, not to be removed until
Thanksgiving. It is a tradition to watch it while we are
decorating. It is really Tanner's favorite Christmal movie! He
used to count down the days until he could get the DVD out of
the storage room. Tanner has most of the lines memorized!
This is last year's photo. We love our doggies and they
think they are part of the family! No, they did not go
caroling with us, but Matthew's dog, Buddy, has his
jacket on!
Creating Memories...
Click here for photos of COOKIE DAY