Are you a first time home buyer, about to embark on
one of the biggest investments of your life?  
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Your home is the place where you live, spend time
with friends and family, and work. Now is an excellent
time for you to enter the home buying market.
especially with the S.U.P.E.R CHIPS program recently
initiated by the Unified Government of WyCo.
Take that leap.  You have a lot to learn,
and I can help.  Call me.  
Whether I represent a buyer or a seller, I pride myself in
obtaining the best price and terms for my clients. As a first time
buyer,you have a lot of questions, and will need to put your
trust into an agent that is experienced and able to work with
you individually, patiently and with skill.

Navigating the home buyers market can be scary. You might be
asking 'How much is too little to offer?' or  'What is that home's
value?' or 'What is reasonable to offer?'.  Everyone is looking
for a deal, especially in today's market. I can help you with data
and experience to make a negotiable offer that will increase
your chances of obtaining the house that you want to call
home. As an experienced realtor, I can help you navigate the
waters as you move ahead to home ownership. I will walk you
through each step, and make sure that you are well informed
regarding your ever so important purchase. Once you take that
first step in deciding to purchase a home, you will need to
make contact with other professionals in the Real Estate
industry that will assist you with your loan, inspections,
and maybe even repairs. I can help.

You might also be wondering where the best place to turn to
for a loan might be, or even if there are first time home buyer
programs available suited for you and your needs. I can help
direct you to a lender(s) that are professionals in their industry.
You will be surrounded with knowledgeable professionals.

You could also be considering going at  it alone. I wouldn't do
it.  Buyers and Sellers today face many legal and ethical
concerns that only a professional with experience and training
will be able to help them through. You don't  trust your
mechanic to roof your house, or your roofer to bake your
wedding cake. You need professionals to help make your
experience as stress-free as possible. We are here for you.

Please call me today. I am here to answer your questions and I
look forward to being your realtor.