This is why I do what I do!
Equally important is the man taking the photo! Thanks, Jason!
There's my honey!
The backdrop is a mountain in
Rocky Mountain National Park. He surprised
me with a trip there this past summer.
                                   What a man!
Fran's Favorite Gifts....

I have built a home filled with things that I cherish and count as blessings- my
family, friends, candles, food, gifts...etc.  I am often a 'gifter' to my friends--a
few of them have those Sam's Club pans that I referred to in the Pretzel
Recipe Tips!  My best saying is "
You give what you love"....and I do!!

I have five children and one husband (haha). It is expensive to raise a family
of any size. I have spent 16 years learning ways to save money on gifts and
that I love, and some things that are just
down right 'neat'! I baked wedding cakes,
birthday cakes, and various kitchen
goods for 15 years out of my own
kitchen, until a house fire changed all
that. I baked and catered from 1993-2007.
Having always maintained a home-based business, I have a huge heart
towards stay-at-home-moms, and working moms and women who create
goods in order to earn extra income for their families. I lovingly call it

This page is dedicated to women that I know and the creations that they
For information on ordering any of these items, please e-mail for
Diaper Cakes are the
centerpiece of any
shower! Crafted from
Huggies or Pampers
in ribbons and floral
to match even the
most contemporary
theme. 3 and 4 Tier
Cakes Available.
Ooh la
for the
in your
Towel wraps are made with over-sized bath towels
and  luxurious animal print made to pamper the
woman receiving this gift! Choose from zebra, pink
zebra, or leopard prints with coordinating towels.
Choose your color-choose your animal! OSFM  

They didn't
have these
when I was a
Burpies are made with flannel and
quality cotton diapers. Flannels are
available in tons of themes, colors,
and patterns. Baby's name can be
embroidered onto burpie's edge.
Wrap your   
little one in a
their little
Hooded towels are exactly what you need to snugly
wrap your special one and keep them warm after a
bath. Towels come in your choice of colors,
embellished with ribbon and a button or similar
motif. Towels are pleated at shoulders.
Fall is the perfect time for
your young one to wear a
fleece poncho.  Available
in sizes 2-12 and an
endless array of fashion
colors or patterns.
Ponchos have rounded
edges and a tassled hood.
Furry Socks
for your
infant or
pre-teen girl!
Crochet-top socks are the perfect accessory for
your daughter's outfit! And if not for you, for a
friend.  Available in infant and girls' sizes.
"When I was a little girl, my parents received a gift of
cinnamon sugared pecans from my relatives in Alabama.  
My mom opened the box, took a taste and put them under
the tree. I snuck under the tree every chance I got to eat
these pecans..they were so awesome!!!!!  **Carolee
Slowly hand roasted in
small batches with butter,
egg whites, sugar,
cinnamon and salt, these
are a sweet treat!