* Designs By Jan is owned by Matt and Jan Hankel in KCMo.  816-413-0765
They carry a wide variety of scented candles in pillars and jars. My favorite
scents are  "Spice" and also "Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin"-especially in this season.

Wood Wick candles are carried by other retailers than Hallmark. You will have to
inquire.  My favorite scent is "Fireside"
Thanksgiving A Time To Remember, Click here to order from Family Life Today

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           THANKSGIVING             Nov. 2008
Candle light brings such warmth to a room.
Placed on a table in votives, or in an
arrangement, a cleverly placed candle adds
sparkling glow to any setting. Candles also
provide a pleasant aroma. My favorite
scented candles are from Designs By Jan* or
Wood Wick candles found at Hallmark.
"Thanksgiving, A Time To
Remember" by Barbara
Rainey has been read by
the Sutton Family for many
years now during the
month of November. It is a
true account of the first
Thanksgiving and the
provisions made for those
early travelers, suitable for
both young and mature
ears. The book comes with
a CD containing beautiful
piano "dinner music" as I
call it, but truly inspirational
music designed to warm
your heart.
Pumpkin and sweet potato flavored recipes reign
supreme in the month of November! I cannot wait
to start pulling out my favorite fall recipes as
soon as the weather just starts to hint a chill.
Try these two recipes sure to make you the baker with the most
raves at your gatherings this Thanksgiving season!  

Corrie Stone
Greased 9 x 13 @ 350 for 45-60 minutes

Cream together the following:

Large Can Pumpkin
1 Cup Evaporated Milk
1 Cup Sugar
1 tsp Cinnamon
2 tsp Pumpkin Spice
2 tsp Vanilla
3 Eggs

Pour into GREASED 9 X 13

Over the top, evenly sprinkle:

Betty Crocker Butter Pecan Cake Mix
1 Cup Pecans - this is really good with Candied Pecans
1 Cup Melted Butter

Bake @ 350 for 45-60 minutes or until toothpick comes
out clean.

Place into refrigerator to cool.

Cut into squares and top with Cool Whip or other
topping and serve to a very thankful recipient! It is like a
pumpkin pie with a crumbly, pecan topping! Excellent!!

Richard and Dale’s Favorite- A great Holiday Side
Greased 9 x 13 @ 350 for 45-60 minutes

Microwave 6 medium Sweet Potatoes until soft.

Peel and place into mixing bowl.  Mix until mashed.  This
should be 3 cups.  If it is short, and you are in a pinch,
you can add pumpkin out of the can (sweet potatoes if
you are really in a bind!) to finish it out.  It is best to
have it hot in the mixer bowl, though. It helps to melt the


1 Cup Sugar
½ Cup Milk - I usually use Heavy Whipping Cream
instead of milk
½ Cup Butter - 1 stick at room temperature.  The hot
potatoes will melt it.
1 tsp Vanilla
3 Eggs

Beat Well - Whip it.

Pour into GREASED 9 x 13.


In bowl combine the following:

1 Cup Brown Sugar
½ Cup Butter - 1 stick at room temperature - NOT COLD
½ Cup Flour
½ Cup Pecans - I like to use Candied Pecans if they are

Stir together with fork, and then spoon over top.

Bake @ 350 for 45-60 minutes or until toothpick comes
out clean.  It will rise a bit and the edges with become a
bit golden.

Let sit for a bit before serving. Fluffy and very good!
My mom always cooked Thanksgiving dinner when we were growing up. I am the oldest of five--who else but
an "oldest" or "first child" would be creating such a website!?!? I have read the book by Dr. Kevin Lehman called
"The Birth Order Book".  It is quite accurate and I embarrass my husband and children time and time again when
we are out in public by 'accusing' folks of being 'the first child'. (It is quite a burden to bear. ; )  )
I can pick 'em out in a crowd..just let me talk to them or observe them in a crowd for 5 minutes and I've got them
pegged! But back to my story...After I got married, I began trading out Thanksgiving dinner with my mom-in-law
Carol, or as my children lovingly called her "Nana". She passed away in 2005. My Aunt Hattie, my best friend up
until her death, passed away in 2004, the day after Thanksgiving, which if you knew her, was so fitting. She WAS
one of those women who got up at 4 am, donned her tennies and silky jog suit and went shopping! My dad was
deeply saddened by her loss, as she was his best friend and sister, too. Trying to fill a gap destined to be lonely,
we began to eat Thanksgiving dinner at my Dad's house. My family, extended with Jason's siblings and Dad,  my
Dad, and brothers and sisters that were not already obligated to their own extended families. I brought sweet
potato casserole that first year, something totally different than the 'yams' we grew up with. You know, the one's
you might still make with marshmallows melted on top? Jason's Dad, Dale, and my Dad, Richard, loved it! My Dad
even ate it for dessert! I made certain to  make that dish for my 'Dads'. Dale passed away in 2007. I am so
thankful to have been able to share with him the gift of a 'home cooked favorite' from my kitchen. You CAN love
your family through food. Create memories and be a good historian--pass them on to your kids. Let your kids
know where you came from and train them for where they are going.  Much love to you.
Jason with his Mom, Carol and
Dad, Dale (Nana and Papa)
Thanksgiving 2001
See that Beautiful bird on the counter??
My Aunt Hattie, at her most
favorite time of year! She was truly
a 'gift-giver'. I learned it from her.
These are the two  
Dads for which that  
Sweet Potato Casserole
has been lovingly  
Somehow, I hold onto the idea, and try to
impress it on my children that "when all the
dust settles, relationships are all you got". If
you've spent any time with me at all, you know
that I am all about building relationships. Invite
someone over for dinner tonight. If the budget
is tight, co-op the meal. The kitchen is an
awesome place to create memories.